How to Tie a Scarf

The Standard is probably one of the most popular scarf ties.
The Figure 8 is using a snood or infinity scarf. And as the pic suggests, you can tie your rectangular scarf to also use this style. However keep in mind that there are many different sizes and fabric types so can vary between each one, on how the scarf will sit.
It's all a bit trial and error really.
The Faux Knot is great for wearing with jackets.
The Braid works best with a longer style rectangular scarf and can make a larger scarf not so bulky.
The Twist can look very different depending on the size of your scarf, so it's just a matter o having a play around and seeing what suits.
The Basic loop works best using a square scarf. If you don't want the tails hanging down you can either tie together and hide underneath or tie ends together in front over the top for a different look.
The Blanket Scarf is using the same principles as the Square Scarf tie, and you can also tie the tails the same way, either underneath or over the top.
Just remember to have fun, there are no rules!
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  • Thanks so much for this, never quite sure how to tie a large scarf. I get given a lot for gifts.

    Pamela Hill

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