I have many people visiting me at the markets, wanting to find scarves to take away travelling with them. Usually with little luggage space to fit everything, especially multiple outfits.

Boy are scarves handy for that reason, they are so versatile and you only need to pack the most basic of colours in clothes and use your scarves to bring the outfit alive.

Most times you could probably wear the same 3 rotated outfits with different scarves and nobody would notice!

Scarves are also very light so you can pack heaps of them. Use them on the plane they don't take up much space, and you can even tie to the outside of your bag if its choc full like mine was. Great if you don't need a heavier cardi or jacket if you're heading into a warmer climate.

A couple of years ago I went on my first ever European holiday with my mum. It would take us through 6 countries in 3 weeks with various different temperatures.

I had no idea what to expect weather wise, so like I normally do I packed everything I own... no exaggeration there, I'm a just in case packer. And I kid you not I packed for every season and reality was I could of at least halved what I took.

I ended up pretty much wearing a combo of jeans, long/short sleeve shirt, jacket, puffer vest or light cardi...the other item a SCARF! and most of the things I packed I didn't wear!

This was me in Grindelwald, Switzerland (with this cuddly creature) wearing a very basic coloured pom pom scarf, you cant see the pom poms, but just makes it look like a different scarf when not using with a jacket.

I mean hindsight is a fabulous thing and I should of packed more scarves and less clothes, but at least I know for next time...if there's a next time, sure hope so!

Here I am at the top of Jungfrau Switzerland, the coldest part of our trip and although this scarf was helpful it would of been great to have a thicker one on hand, it was freezing! (although the scarf I did have on did wonders compared to not having it at all) I had so many layers on I could barely move.

I mentioned before that scarves are a versatile item and other than keeping you warm, they can also double up as a sarong, shawl or even turn it into a light kimono style jacket or shirt, and in some cases a head scarf to abide by local customs. Sometimes people stop over in a warm climate before heading to the cooler climates, so a scarf can double its uses while not adding bulk to your luggage

I will say one thing though if you have seen some of those You Tube tutorials creating 50 looks from one scarf, you really need to be on the slim side to get some of them to work or get larger style scarves... I should know I tried!.. Don't worry though Lime & Soda ranges are fairly decent in the size department and you can still turn into some amazing things.( future blog right there).

Having a glass of bubbly at the Eiffel Tower and enjoying a cruise on the Seine.


On our trip we did have nights where we went out as a group to dinner and needed to dress up that little bit more so once again its a key to just layer. This particular night we had a river cruise on the Seine after a dinner at the Eiffel Tower,so I needed to be able to rug up but look a little bit spesh with what I had.I mean it was the Eiffel Tower!

So it was a combo of Tights, Boots and a  Long Tunic top while inside, then denim jacket and scarf to add warmth later on the cruise.

That's the mumma in the pic, she was a trooper the whole trip. I had my doubts going away on this particular trip, as I was on a bus tour with what at the time I thought was going to be a bunch of pensioners, who would be boring and everyone would be slow and take their time.( bit judgey I know)

 I was however proved wrong, they turned out to be the nicest group of people ever and although yes I was the youngest one there I'd do it all again, they had so many stories about travelling and places where they had been and where they were going I learnt more than I expected. I also became the token granddaughter lol!..and they were not slow and kept a fair pace.


The above pic was taken at Versailles Palace in France...AMAZING place!

Once again I have the same combo to the swiss outfit but different colours.Not sure what I was trying to do with that scarf tie though, kept getting tangled in the camera strap!

A lot of the time as we were travelling by bus it was a matter of stripping layers on and off all the time when we stopped, hence another good reason that scarves are great to just whip on and off.

Anyhoo you can get the idea and I wished I took more pics of travelling with a scarf but  hindsight is a fabulous thing and who knew I would be writing a blog. Maybe that can be my excuse for another trip, that I need to document it. Although that might not fly with the hubby and kids unless I take them too...hmmmm!

I did make sure though to top up the scarf collection in Italy. Where I think I made the most expensive purchase of all time under time pressure in a silk scarf shop, to make a choice of deciding if I really needed to make that loo stop to get on the bus in time, or purchasing a scarf. I managed to do both (not in the scarf shop though) and I've never even worn the scarf...EEEK!

This Trip was the real start to launching my little business further and no doubt seeing the scarf stalls in Verona were certainly the inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and make sure you keep posted for the next instalment.

Safe Travels xx


P.S All scarves are of course Lime & Soda Scarf Co, check them out they're pretty cool if I do say so myself!


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