How I Became a Scarf Convert!

So ... once upon a time (not so long ago) I could not comprehend how that a piece of fabric could actually keep you warm.

I was baffled. I saw people wearing them and admired that they looked great, but what a waste of time as there would be no way possible that they could keep you warm, they were just a fashion accessory.

Well one day on a trip to the shops I received my very first scarf as a gift with purchase, it was hideous...all sparkly thread, terrible colours and almost thinner than toilet paper!

However I did try this said horrible scarp of fabric. I tried it on in the safety of my own home but just couldn't grasp what exactly I should do with this thing.

Eventually I put it on and wore it around home, only to come to the conclusion....Holy Heck... it can keep my neck warm, who would of thought it.

But still there was no way in hell I was wearing it in public. I eventually after many days found myself in Kmart perusing the scarf isle searching for the most inconspicuous, cheapest scarf I could find to start my scarf wearing adventure..in public!!!

I settled on a grey scarf, it was safe. Said scarf is above in the picture, yes I still have it (well my daughter does).

So my first appearance I felt uncomfortable and felt like everyone was staring at me wearing this thing around my neck. Of course like any first time at trying something new I felt awkward, didn't really know what I was doing.

As time went on and I grew a little more confident I purchased some more cheap scarves and learnt a few more tricks, however they just didn't cut the mustard, fabric pilled and were small and I couldn't do much with them not to mention everyone else was wearing the same ones. So I thought I'd  get one from a boutique or fashion store....oh boy did I get a shock at the prices compared with my Kmart purchase.

Oh hell to the no was I paying those prices, as nice as they were as I was still an L plater in scarf wearing I could not justify the dollars.

At the time I had another small home based business and so I started to investigate the fact that I was sure I could get them cheaper.

And I found I could. And so my journey began, to bring a quality scarf at a cheaper price, and one that you would not find a 100 other people wearing!

My kids were at school now so I didn't want to be tied to home as my other business did. I wanted a grown up business and I had to find a niche in the market. This was it!

My first market consisted of about 15 scarves hanging from the roof of a gazebo while my daughter sold loom band bracelets at the front. Fast forward a couple of years and I now have over 200 scarves on display or with me at any market, and not a loom band in site!

 Look at that cute adorable entrepreneur selling her wares.

So if you have never worn a scarf or think you feel awkward wearing them, there are no rules. Give it a go, experiment and no... everyone is not staring at you they are admiring your cool as scarf and wondering where you got it from. And I would hope you could tell them it was a Lime & Soda Scarf Co Scarf!

So there you have it. It all starts somewhere and I have grown to love scarves, as I hope you do too!

If you stick around i'm going to push myself out of another comfort zone and do some tutorials for you.

This is what my stall looks like today, this is what I love to do.

Stay tuned for my next blog about my adventures of travelling with scarves.

Enjoy xx






  • Welcome to the world of scarves I have about 50 and hate summer because I don’t get to wear them

  • You’re amazeballs! ?? can’t wait for the turorials Jode’s, I have hat boxes full of scarves and only a couple of ways to wear them ❤️❤️

    Shelley Budd

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